The Idea.

No matter if this is your first journeys or you are a seasoned globetrotter, it is always beneficial to have a rundown of exactly what things you might choose to package – you should know that, an extensive global travel checklist.

Bookmark this journey packing list since you are going to want to consult with it since your trip gets closer. It is going to function as a tool to let you know exactly what to pack but also can help you be sure that you’ve thought of what else you may want to package.

Forever “Dilemma” – Suitcase or Backpack.

The decision between choosing to travel with a suitcase or backpack is not that hard to take. All depends on what you need to reach for when it’s time to pack up your belongings that can differ depending on the trip.

Though most men and women have a tendency to have a preference towards one, I actually divide the majority of my travel alternating from a bag and a backpack. If you’re searching for something that provides maximum freedom backpacks could be your best bet, but there is something about the particular luggage can offer. In a nutshell, there are significant benefits and drawbacks to each kind of luggage.


Nothing can undermine the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
You can run, bike or climb if needed; they are primarily built for outdoor adventure. Whether you will find just five minutes left until the plane/train departs, I would decide to get stuck using a backpack instead of a suitcase.

Suitcases do not possess this flexibility; a large amount of those days I just wind up standing on the escalator to the baggage claim because I can not be bothered to pick it up by the handle and then drag it up the staircase. Stairs aren’t really a suitcase best friend.

Organising Your Stuff

Suitcases frequently possess fewer pockets and consequently, less organisational ability. You will spend more time digging through the suitcase because things have started shifting around unnecessarily and drop out of place.
While backpacks usually possess plenty of side pockets and all different placements inside; You will love your backpack for that reason. Lowest pocket often gets an inbuilt rain cover. There are many little and hidden compartments also that often can be used as secret and non-obvious spots for valuables and passport.

The Weight

Instead of having the weight relegated at the back, it’s now relegated at your toes and also regularly to your side. Though this may slow down your mobility some, the largest difference is the fact that it relieves tension off your spine.

Protection against damage.

Your possessions within the suitcase seem to be better secured compared to backpack, especially when using hardcase. Little fragile objects and boxes have a tendency to become bent out of shape; this unlikely going to happen when using a suitcase.


Probably among the most common complaints regarding backpacks is that you merely have top layers usage of your belongings while everything at the bottom is quite a bit more challenging to achieve. This necessitates someone to unload all the shirt before they can access to the bottom where you store your trousers.






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