The Caribbean is a region that is located off the continental North America. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. The region is indeed the most tourist-friendly of the world owing to its tropical climate, excellent beaches, sunny weather, and clean waters.

caribbean islands


The following are the top island destinations in the Caribbean as of the year 2017.

  • Dominican Republic

This Hispaniola Island is a fine choice of holidays because of natural sceneries such as beaches, waterfalls, deserts, and mountains. It is also the home to Caribbean’s largest city, Santo Domingo. It offers breathtaking views of the adjacent ocean, excellent snorkeling opportunities, water sporting activities, and general relaxation.

  • Puerto Rico

It is a US overseas territory. Although small in size, a visitor to the island requires no less than one week stay to fully experience and enjoy the resources provided by the island. The island features world class beaches, rain forests, electric lifestyle, and charming colonial architecture.

  • Cuba

US citizens are restricted from entering the island nation. It sees a steady stream of visitors through over the world, including American citizens from Canada or Mexico. It is the largest island in the Caribbean. Also it offers visitors a rich mix of credible rich heritage, faded architecture, iconic sites, historical relics, lush countryside, bays, inlets, and medical tourism. It is also home to several hotels that offer visitors good food, accommodation, and general relaxation.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica is probably the most known of all the Caribbean islands mainly because of Bob Marley, Reggae and Rastafarianism. It presents a rich mix of culture and history unlike the rest of the Caribbean islands. It is frequented by newlyweds mainly due to its romantic all-inclusive resorts and dreamy landscapes. Outside the resorts, visitors may find breathtaking waterfall and trails as well as Caribbean dependable crystalline waters and a chance to swim with dolphins.

  • The Bahamas

Consisting of 700 islands, of which only 23 are inhabited, the island offers endless possibilities to the would-be honeymooner, holiday maker, vacationer, and tourist. These include endless beaches, many resorts, and water sports. Its white sandy beaches, clean shallow waters, and hot temperature make it quite suitable for beach diving, snorkeling, and other water sports.

  • Aruba

Just off the main coast of Venezuela, Aruba is outside the main path of the Caribbean hurricanes. It has a dry sunny climate, a fact that makes it quite ideal for a Caribbean gate away. It has the famed Arikok National Park that covers 20% of the country, world class wreck diving facilities, excellent ocean surfing, and a thriving night life. And it also hosts several events such as horse riding.

  • Barbados

Barbados is the birth place of rum. It is characterized by slow excellent beaches and relatively slow paces of life. Indeed, no stay in the island is complete without a night of too many rum punches. It has 70 miles of sandy beaches, hosts several horse races, and is home to several restaurants and hotels that specialize in world class cuisines. Visitors may snorkel, swim, surface, and bird watch, among others.

  • US Virgin Islands

Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix comprise the US Virgin Islands each with their own unique ‘must see’ qualities. Over half of Saint John’s 12,500 acres are national parks and each beach covers standard with clear waters, pristine sand, and unspoiled views. For a historical take, walk the heritage trail on Saint Croix then visit the protected sea turtles on Sandy Point.


At least-a-once in a lifetime visit to the Caribbean is a must owing to the existence of excellent tourism and natural resources. If you have never contemplated paying a visit to the region, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence, so do it right away!



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