Top 5 island vacations in 2017:

Imagine waking up to mouth watering food, sweet strawberry wine, tropical beaches covered in white sand and professional staff waiting to serve at your call. The only struggle you have is choosing whether to sunbathe while reading your Sidney Sheldon novel, take a walk on the beach or a dive in the nearby pond which is a result of water streaming down a slope creating an exceptionally stunning radiance. If you and your family like enjoying the beauty of nature that is what the top five 2017 islands have in store for you. However, there are too many and deciding on the best is quite difficult. Reason being they all have something unique to offer. Fortunately, this guide contains only the best which will help you create stories for many years to come.

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Palawan Island

Awarded for being the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan has so much to prove that it deserves the tag. From having a diverse range of birds to the tropical fish and coral reefs, it also boasts the best dive sites in the world. To add to the thrill, half of it is a jungle while the other half features high-class hotels and resorts. While there make sure to visit El Nido and Puerto Princesa and the best period to do so is between April and August because the sea is usually calm and very beautiful. Other destinations on Palawan Island include San Vicente.

Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a diverse assortment of islands, but Oahu stands out. It takes position in three regarding size, and there is so much to do and see here that you can never exhaust it. It is the most visited, and three-quarter of Hawaiians live here. Its primary attraction is the butterfly shape created by two mountain ranges Ko’olau and Waianae. If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the town, the eastern coast offers you a great escape. It is home to vacation homes while still offers you proximity to the shopping center. If you like surfing the northern shore gives you the best ground to free your wild spirit and a five-star hotel to rest after wards known as Surf jack. There are many world class resorts such as four seasons resort, and Pacific beach hotel.


This list would be so not worth it if these Caribbean islands were not listed. They consist of Saint John, Thomas, and Croix. They are known for their sugar white sand beaches and coral reefs. St Croix offers you a chance to explore your diving skills through its numerous scuba sites, and if you are a drinker, then this is the place to be. It has many rum factories which offer you a chance to put your taste buds to the test. St Thomas gives you a variety of high-class resorts and water sports to sunbathe from while St John offers superb shores to hike and snorkel. The USVI is simply an all in one island.


It is an island country and boasts over 300 of them. It is in the South Pacific and is definitely a slice of heaven on earth. There is so much about it. From its rich culture to plenty of palm trees there is just so much to do. It boasts over a hundred bird species which suits any enthusiast of these magnificent creatures. The Islands of Taveuni which are also known as the Garden you get the best hiking experience. Stunning beaches and blue water which stretches to as far as you eyes can see and tasty dishes from the locals characterize Fiji. If you are newlyweds, Turtle Island offers you the tranquility and privacy you need for this romantic period.


Known for its charming natives, Tahiti has so much to offer beyond the culture. Although it lacks the white sandy beaches of the other islands on our list, the presence of many turquoise waterfalls, dark sand beaches, and beautiful mountains make up for that in the best way possible. There is an overwater bungalow on the island which gives you the best view of the crystal blue waters of the ocean. The island lies at the heart of South Pacific and is famous for its Heiva festival which takes place in June. Take an eight hours trip today from Los Angeles and you will never forget it.


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