Lake Iliamna Lodges:

Summer is here, and most families are now planning to take a vacation. Due to that many beaches are usually too crowded and if you or your family adores peace of mind, then you will be a bit disadvantaged. Fortunately for you, there are myriads of destinations which are affordable and at the same time offer the peace of mind you so thirsty for. One of these places include Alaska and am sure an Island vacay sounds like the best thing someone could ever tell you during the summer. Apart from putting your worries behind you, it offers you world class luxury.

Few words about Lake Iliamna in General

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S and lies on approximately 663268 miles of land. It has over three hundred tiny volcanic islands which make one chain known as the Aleutian atolls. Therefore it might prove a difficult task for you to make a choice on the perfect one for an island vacay.

Luckily for you, this article will focus on one of Alaska’s most famous attraction which is Lake Iliamna. It is seventy-five miles in regards to length and twenty in width and covers a thousand kilometers. There is a diverse array of things you can do here. These range from fishing to monster sighting. The lake is famous for its wide range of fish but more prominent species is the Pacific salmon. Others include arctic grayling and rainbow trout. It is a good destination if you decide to go to Alaska, but it is home to very many lodges. Hence the main point of focus will be Lake Iliamna Lodges. The kind of services they offer and at what cost. This will help you make an informative decision depending on what suits you best.

Lake Iliamna

Rainbow King Lodge

Situated on the northern shores of Lake Iliamna, the lodge offers you the best island vacay experience. If fishing is your cup of tea, then you are on the right path if you make the Rainbow King Lodge your go to option. Reason being its location provides access to trophy grade fish and also offers many fishing methods such as rod or net. Apart from the latter, the lodge’s environment is a good example of modern meets vintage as it has many other activities for you and your family to bond on. These include pool and game tables, being flown by aircraft to the best fishing holes, 4G speed internet access, and after a long day of having fun you get to relax in a hot tub.

Iliamna River Lodge

The lodge is not only at the heart of the lake but also offers you one breath taking ambiance. It is one of the best spots to fish trouts from, and it holds a permit to access the copper fish. As a guest there, you get to stay in your private cabin which boasts its own shower and even a deck. You, therefore, get the full view of the river while back at your cabin. It gets better if you are a foodie as you enjoy a variety of meals made by professionals. You need not worry about crowding as the place only takes six guests a week. That means if you and your small family book early enough you will be the only ones who get to enjoy all the goodness that the lodge has to offer.

Other superb lodges on Lake Iliamna include

 Intricate bay lodge

 Iliamna Lake

 Alaska rainbow lodge

 Angry Eagle lodge and Outfitters

 Kodiak lodge

 The general lodge

 Lakefront cabin -Tulchina adventures

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