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Your Packing List

Getting ready for travel, packing suitcase

The Idea.

No matter if this is your first journeys or you are a seasoned globetrotter, it is always beneficial to have a rundown of exactly what things you might choose to package – you should know that, an extensive global travel checklist.

Bookmark this journey packing list since you are going to want to consult with it since your trip gets closer. It is going to function as a tool to let you know exactly what to pack but also can help you be sure that you’ve thought of what else you may want to package.

Forever “Dilemma” – Suitcase or Backpack.

The decision between choosing to travel with a suitcase or backpack is not that hard to take. All depends on what you need to reach for when it’s time to pack up your belongings that can differ depending on the trip.

Though most men and women have a tendency to have a preference towards one, I actually divide the majority of my travel alternating from a bag and a backpack. If you’re searching for something that provides maximum freedom backpacks could be your best bet, but there is something about the particular luggage can offer. In a nutshell, there are significant benefits and drawbacks to each kind of luggage.


Nothing can undermine the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
You can run, bike or climb if needed; they are primarily built for outdoor adventure. Whether you will find just five minutes left until the plane/train departs, I would decide to get stuck using a backpack instead of a suitcase.

Suitcases do not possess this flexibility; a large amount of those days I just wind up standing on the escalator to the baggage claim because I can not be bothered to pick it up by the handle and then drag it up the staircase. Stairs aren’t really a suitcase best friend.

Organising Your Stuff

Suitcases frequently possess fewer pockets and consequently, less organisational ability. You will spend more time digging through the suitcase because things have started shifting around unnecessarily and drop out of place.
While backpacks usually possess plenty of side pockets and all different placements inside; You will love your backpack for that reason. Lowest pocket often gets an inbuilt rain cover. There are many little and hidden compartments also that often can be used as secret and non-obvious spots for valuables and passport.

The Weight

Instead of having the weight relegated at the back, it’s now relegated at your toes and also regularly to your side. Though this may slow down your mobility some, the largest difference is the fact that it relieves tension off your spine.

Protection against damage.

Your possessions within the suitcase seem to be better secured compared to backpack, especially when using hardcase. Little fragile objects and boxes have a tendency to become bent out of shape; this unlikely going to happen when using a suitcase.


Probably among the most common complaints regarding backpacks is that you merely have top layers usage of your belongings while everything at the bottom is quite a bit more challenging to achieve. This necessitates someone to unload all the shirt before they can access to the bottom where you store your trousers.






Top 5 island vacations in 2017


Top 5 island vacations in 2017:

Imagine waking up to mouth watering food, sweet strawberry wine, tropical beaches covered in white sand and professional staff waiting to serve at your call. The only struggle you have is choosing whether to sunbathe while reading your Sidney Sheldon novel, take a walk on the beach or a dive in the nearby pond which is a result of water streaming down a slope creating an exceptionally stunning radiance. If you and your family like enjoying the beauty of nature that is what the top five 2017 islands have in store for you. However, there are too many and deciding on the best is quite difficult. Reason being they all have something unique to offer. Fortunately, this guide contains only the best which will help you create stories for many years to come.

caribbean islands.jpg

Palawan Island

Awarded for being the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan has so much to prove that it deserves the tag. From having a diverse range of birds to the tropical fish and coral reefs, it also boasts the best dive sites in the world. To add to the thrill, half of it is a jungle while the other half features high-class hotels and resorts. While there make sure to visit El Nido and Puerto Princesa and the best period to do so is between April and August because the sea is usually calm and very beautiful. Other destinations on Palawan Island include San Vicente.

Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii is home to a diverse assortment of islands, but Oahu stands out. It takes position in three regarding size, and there is so much to do and see here that you can never exhaust it. It is the most visited, and three-quarter of Hawaiians live here. Its primary attraction is the butterfly shape created by two mountain ranges Ko’olau and Waianae. If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the town, the eastern coast offers you a great escape. It is home to vacation homes while still offers you proximity to the shopping center. If you like surfing the northern shore gives you the best ground to free your wild spirit and a five-star hotel to rest after wards known as Surf jack. There are many world class resorts such as four seasons resort, and Pacific beach hotel.


This list would be so not worth it if these Caribbean islands were not listed. They consist of Saint John, Thomas, and Croix. They are known for their sugar white sand beaches and coral reefs. St Croix offers you a chance to explore your diving skills through its numerous scuba sites, and if you are a drinker, then this is the place to be. It has many rum factories which offer you a chance to put your taste buds to the test. St Thomas gives you a variety of high-class resorts and water sports to sunbathe from while St John offers superb shores to hike and snorkel. The USVI is simply an all in one island.


It is an island country and boasts over 300 of them. It is in the South Pacific and is definitely a slice of heaven on earth. There is so much about it. From its rich culture to plenty of palm trees there is just so much to do. It boasts over a hundred bird species which suits any enthusiast of these magnificent creatures. The Islands of Taveuni which are also known as the Garden you get the best hiking experience. Stunning beaches and blue water which stretches to as far as you eyes can see and tasty dishes from the locals characterize Fiji. If you are newlyweds, Turtle Island offers you the tranquility and privacy you need for this romantic period.


Known for its charming natives, Tahiti has so much to offer beyond the culture. Although it lacks the white sandy beaches of the other islands on our list, the presence of many turquoise waterfalls, dark sand beaches, and beautiful mountains make up for that in the best way possible. There is an overwater bungalow on the island which gives you the best view of the crystal blue waters of the ocean. The island lies at the heart of South Pacific and is famous for its Heiva festival which takes place in June. Take an eight hours trip today from Los Angeles and you will never forget it.

Top Island Destinations In The Caribbean



The Caribbean is a region that is located off the continental North America. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. The region is indeed the most tourist-friendly of the world owing to its tropical climate, excellent beaches, sunny weather, and clean waters.

caribbean islands


The following are the top island destinations in the Caribbean as of the year 2017.

  • Dominican Republic

This Hispaniola Island is a fine choice of holidays because of natural sceneries such as beaches, waterfalls, deserts, and mountains. It is also the home to Caribbean’s largest city, Santo Domingo. It offers breathtaking views of the adjacent ocean, excellent snorkeling opportunities, water sporting activities, and general relaxation.

  • Puerto Rico

It is a US overseas territory. Although small in size, a visitor to the island requires no less than one week stay to fully experience and enjoy the resources provided by the island. The island features world class beaches, rain forests, electric lifestyle, and charming colonial architecture.

  • Cuba

US citizens are restricted from entering the island nation. It sees a steady stream of visitors through over the world, including American citizens from Canada or Mexico. It is the largest island in the Caribbean. Also it offers visitors a rich mix of credible rich heritage, faded architecture, iconic sites, historical relics, lush countryside, bays, inlets, and medical tourism. It is also home to several hotels that offer visitors good food, accommodation, and general relaxation.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica is probably the most known of all the Caribbean islands mainly because of Bob Marley, Reggae and Rastafarianism. It presents a rich mix of culture and history unlike the rest of the Caribbean islands. It is frequented by newlyweds mainly due to its romantic all-inclusive resorts and dreamy landscapes. Outside the resorts, visitors may find breathtaking waterfall and trails as well as Caribbean dependable crystalline waters and a chance to swim with dolphins.

  • The Bahamas

Consisting of 700 islands, of which only 23 are inhabited, the island offers endless possibilities to the would-be honeymooner, holiday maker, vacationer, and tourist. These include endless beaches, many resorts, and water sports. Its white sandy beaches, clean shallow waters, and hot temperature make it quite suitable for beach diving, snorkeling, and other water sports.

  • Aruba

Just off the main coast of Venezuela, Aruba is outside the main path of the Caribbean hurricanes. It has a dry sunny climate, a fact that makes it quite ideal for a Caribbean gate away. It has the famed Arikok National Park that covers 20% of the country, world class wreck diving facilities, excellent ocean surfing, and a thriving night life. And it also hosts several events such as horse riding.

  • Barbados

Barbados is the birth place of rum. It is characterized by slow excellent beaches and relatively slow paces of life. Indeed, no stay in the island is complete without a night of too many rum punches. It has 70 miles of sandy beaches, hosts several horse races, and is home to several restaurants and hotels that specialize in world class cuisines. Visitors may snorkel, swim, surface, and bird watch, among others.

  • US Virgin Islands

Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix comprise the US Virgin Islands each with their own unique ‘must see’ qualities. Over half of Saint John’s 12,500 acres are national parks and each beach covers standard with clear waters, pristine sand, and unspoiled views. For a historical take, walk the heritage trail on Saint Croix then visit the protected sea turtles on Sandy Point.


At least-a-once in a lifetime visit to the Caribbean is a must owing to the existence of excellent tourism and natural resources. If you have never contemplated paying a visit to the region, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence, so do it right away!

Blueberry Island Lodge


Blueberry Island Lodge:

Fish Alaska’s finest “Trophy Rainbow Trout” river. Whether fly-fishing Alaska or spin fishing, this is the place you want to be. The Alaskan Do-It-Yourself opportunity that Blueberry Island Lodge provides makes fishing away from the crowds economical. Our beautiful setting on the Kvichak River, Alaska’s best chance at that trout of your dreams, and our pricing will open up remote Alaska to any angler. Bristol Bay is well known for its superb fishing and, most particularly, the Trophy Trout Area in which Blueberry Island Lodge is strategically located. Lake Iliamna is Alaska’s largest body of fresh water and is also the state’s only “Trophy Trout Area”. The village of Igiugig is at the mouth of the Kvichak River, the only drainage of Lake Iliamna. Just two miles down river from this magnificent lake is Blueberry Island Lodge, your comfortable home away from home.

Lake Iliamna Lodges


Lake Iliamna Lodges:

Summer is here, and most families are now planning to take a vacation. Due to that many beaches are usually too crowded and if you or your family adores peace of mind, then you will be a bit disadvantaged. Fortunately for you, there are myriads of destinations which are affordable and at the same time offer the peace of mind you so thirsty for. One of these places include Alaska and am sure an Island vacay sounds like the best thing someone could ever tell you during the summer. Apart from putting your worries behind you, it offers you world class luxury.

Few words about Lake Iliamna in General

Alaska is the largest state in the U.S and lies on approximately 663268 miles of land. It has over three hundred tiny volcanic islands which make one chain known as the Aleutian atolls. Therefore it might prove a difficult task for you to make a choice on the perfect one for an island vacay.

Luckily for you, this article will focus on one of Alaska’s most famous attraction which is Lake Iliamna. It is seventy-five miles in regards to length and twenty in width and covers a thousand kilometers. There is a diverse array of things you can do here. These range from fishing to monster sighting. The lake is famous for its wide range of fish but more prominent species is the Pacific salmon. Others include arctic grayling and rainbow trout. It is a good destination if you decide to go to Alaska, but it is home to very many lodges. Hence the main point of focus will be Lake Iliamna Lodges. The kind of services they offer and at what cost. This will help you make an informative decision depending on what suits you best.

Lake Iliamna

Rainbow King Lodge

Situated on the northern shores of Lake Iliamna, the lodge offers you the best island vacay experience. If fishing is your cup of tea, then you are on the right path if you make the Rainbow King Lodge your go to option. Reason being its location provides access to trophy grade fish and also offers many fishing methods such as rod or net. Apart from the latter, the lodge’s environment is a good example of modern meets vintage as it has many other activities for you and your family to bond on. These include pool and game tables, being flown by aircraft to the best fishing holes, 4G speed internet access, and after a long day of having fun you get to relax in a hot tub.

Iliamna River Lodge

The lodge is not only at the heart of the lake but also offers you one breath taking ambiance. It is one of the best spots to fish trouts from, and it holds a permit to access the copper fish. As a guest there, you get to stay in your private cabin which boasts its own shower and even a deck. You, therefore, get the full view of the river while back at your cabin. It gets better if you are a foodie as you enjoy a variety of meals made by professionals. You need not worry about crowding as the place only takes six guests a week. That means if you and your small family book early enough you will be the only ones who get to enjoy all the goodness that the lodge has to offer.

Other superb lodges on Lake Iliamna include

 Intricate bay lodge

 Iliamna Lake

 Alaska rainbow lodge

 Angry Eagle lodge and Outfitters

 Kodiak lodge

 The general lodge

 Lakefront cabin -Tulchina adventures